Cretu: It was important to clear the situation


Rzeszow, Poland, November 28, 2018 - Asseco Resovia Rzeszow shut out Asian champions Khatam Ardakan to advance to the semifinals of the 2018 FIVB Men's Club World Championship, leaving their Romanian coach Gheorge Cretu quite satisfied and ready to look ahead.

Gheorghe Cretu, Asseco Resovia Rzeszow coach: "First of all, we want to recover before tomorrow's match. Then we will start planning, but no earlier than tomorrow before the match. Today's match was very important to win and clear the situation about the next days. The match was very good and I am very happy that we can continue in the rest of the competition."

Mateusz Mika, Asseco Resovia Rzeszow outside hitter: "We are happy about the victory and the fact, that we've achieved it without major problems. I don't know if the coach will change our first six for the next match - we'll see tomorrow - but for sure we are going to do everything to win against Trentino Volley. We'll see what we'll be able to show in Czestochowa. Our team is quite unpredictable this year."

Mohammadhassan Senobar, Khatam Ardakan middle blocker: "As you know we lost 3-4 important players just before our flight to Poland - that's why we couldn't play better. We did our best with this team we have now in Poland, but we all have this feeling that we could do more. Anyway, Resovia played very well today, they had very good service which we couldn't deal with."

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