Lorenzetti: Despite difficulties, we played quite well


Angelo Lorenzetti: "We played quite well"

Rzeszow, Poland, November 26, 2018 - Coach Angelo Lorenzetti was satisfied with Khatam Ardakan on the opening day of the 2018 FIVB Men's Club World Championship, but focus on the Italian camp has already shifted to the team's next challenge: South America champions Sada Cruzeiro of Brazil on Wednesday.

Angelo Lorenzetti, Trentino coach: "Ardakan are in a very hard situation because they are missing some important players. On the other hand, our team played quite a good game, despite some difficulties - recently we've travelled a lot and I'm really looking forward for tomorrow, because we will have some rest and we will recover for the game on Wednesday when we will play against the strongest opponent in this group - Sada Cruzeiro. We have to do our video meeting and study Sada's way of playing, but for us it is important to improve our system, especially serve and spike, because today we haven't performed well in these elements."

Jenia Grebennikov, Trentino libero: "We are at the Club World Championship, so every single game is and will be difficult. I don't know how Sada Cruzeiro play, but I know that they have a very good middle blocker, Kevin Le Roux and outside hitter, Taylor Sander - I know him because we played together last year.I haven't watched any of their games yet, just some short videos, but tonight or tomorrow we will have a video meeting and I'm sure that we will prepare well for the next game. I am really happy to have an opportunity to play against Le Roux and I hope that he's recovered from his injury."

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